Saints Row Collectibles Guide – All Collectibles, Where to Find

Saints Row Collectibles Guide - All Collectibles, Where to Find

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Saints Row reboot is now available, and it brings a whole new wacky world for you to explore and wreak havoc in. As you are exploring the massive open world, you have tons of collectibles to collect in the game as well. We have curated this Saints Row Collectibles Guide in which we will guide you on how you can find and collect all of the collectibles in the game.

Collectibles Guide – Saints Row

Collectibles in Saints Row are collected by taking pictures of the required items. After you collect them, you unlock them in your HQ, and you can place little versions of them. You will need to play a little bit of the story to unlock the ability to collect these collectibles and once you can collect them, you will also unlock an App on your phone which tracks all of the collectibles. Some of them are locked behind missions while some of them are found with exploration. We have detailed all of them below.

Mission Collectibles

This section of the guide lists all of the collectibles which are only unlocked through story progression and completing specific missions. These collectibles are detailed below:

Mission Requirement

As Seen on TV Knife
Complete mission ‘Idol Hands’

Cactus Jack
Complete mission ‘Art Appreciation’

Chalupacabra Sign
Complete all Chalupacabra Criminal Venture missions

Cow Statue
Complete mission ‘Art Appreciation’

Complete all Castle Kraken Criminal Venture missions

Drug Shipment
Collect all Drug Pallets

Dustlander Throne
Complete mission ‘Unto the Breach’

Flower Spur Statue
Complete mission ‘Art Appreciation’

Gatling Gun
Complete mission ‘Severance Package’

Go-Kart Trophy
Complete all Pony Express Side Hustles

Hoverboard Trophy
Complete all Eurekabator! Criminal Venture missions

Hummingbird Codex
Complete mission ‘Going Overboard’

Idols Memento
Complete mission ‘Idol Threat’

Interstellar Phonebooth
Complete all Laundromat Criminal Venture missions

JimRob Statue
Complete all JimRob’s Garage Criminal Venture missions

KAKTS Radio Tower
Complete all KAKTS Radio Criminal Venture missions

Nuke Mount
Complete all of The Big One’s Criminal Venture missions

Planet Saints Pedestal
Hijack all trucks for the Planet Saints Criminal Venture missions

Saint Discordia
Build the Saints Tower

Shady Oaks Sign
Complete all Shady Oaks Criminal Venture missions

Space Suit
Complete all Let’s Pretend Criminal Venture missions

Toxic Waste Pedestal
Find all toxic waste trucks for the Bright Future Criminal Venture missions

Training Dummy
Complete all First Strike Dojo Criminal Venture missions

Vat of Fabolous
Complete all Cutting Edge Criminal Venture missions

Wanted Poster
Complete all Wanted App missions

Western Golden Cannon
Complete mission ‘Office Décor’

Wormy Apple
Complete mission ‘Art Appreciation’

Wuzyerz Rep Yard
Complete all Wuzyerz Rep Criminal Venture missions

Open-World Collectibles

This section of the guide lists all of the collectibles that are found in the open world and you have to find their location and take their pictures in order to add them to your collection. We have detailed them below according to the area in which these are found.

Lake Sebastian

There are three collectibles in this region. They are detailed below:

Atlas Statue – This is the big statue in the area which is holding a large boulder on its back

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Mine Cart – Take a picture of the lone cart sitting on the tracks here

Centerpiece Bowl – Inside one of the buildings, there are a lot of barrels. This is sitting on one of the barrels

Badlands South

There are five collectibles in this region. They are detailed below:

Owl Windmill – Pretty easy to spot since this windmill has an owl face and colorful features as the main mill.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Model Plane – This is actually the crashed plane in this area. Take its picture to add it to your collection.

Singing Bush – This is perhaps the only proper green bush in this region. It is located next to a huge electricity pole and a dried-out tree.

Saddle Bar Stool – This stool has a saddle on it and hence the name. It is sitting right next to the entrance of the brown building.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

The Worthy Hammer – A reference to The Thor, you will find The Worthy Hammer stuck in some rocks on the side of the main desert road.

Badlands North

In Badlands North, you will find six collectibles to capture. These are detailed below:

Bear Rug – This big bear rug is sitting in front of the main door of the building right next to the white water tank. It is near the chopped car and some crates.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Silver Obelisk – It is easily found in the middle of the wilds between some trees thanks to its bright purple colors and blue hue.

Fanciful Map – The fanciful map is located inside a barn behind some blocks. You will easily notice it once you are inside the barn.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Ancient Vase – This ancient vase is probably the odd one out where it is located. Look next to the veranda and you will find this sitting between some trash bags and a ladder.

Golden Urinal – This fancy urinal is sitting next to a dump site and under the claw of an excavator.

Western Chuckwagon – This huge Chuckwagon is purple in color and there is no way that you will miss it when you are at its location.

El Dorado

You will find eight collectibles here and we have listed their locations below for you:

Metal Rabbit – This is the big colorful metal rabbit located right to the even bigger Swan.


Calico Queen – This is the sign of the Calico Queen located at the pier.

Shoe Light – This is the bright pink huge light in the middle of the park which is shaped like a shoe.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

The Varmint Sign – This is the main sign of the huge The Varmint tower.

Gas Pump – This is the lonely red and white gas pump sitting inside the yar next to a barn door.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Fox Tails Sign – This is the main sign of the raunchy club Fox Tails.

Poker Chips – These are the huge poker chips sitting next to the trash can and the fire hydrant.

Swan Float – You will find the Swan Float sitting inside the dried-up swimming pool.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

East Flats

East Flats has five collectibles and we have detailed their locations below for you:

Planetary Model – This huge Planetary Model is located at the top of the Science Center.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Golden Helmet Statue – This is sitting at the top of the Will-Call Tickets building.

Bronze Arm – This is located at the front of The Swole Hole gym.

Windmill – This is the normal windmill located right next to the huge red building with flags on either side.

Sofa King Sign – This is the main sign of the Sofa King building.

West Flats

The West Flats have two collectibles, and they are detailed below:

I Heart Santo Ileso – This sign is located in the open space at the front of the pharmacy.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Bowling Balls and Pin – They are located at the parking entrance of The Joy of Bowling bowling alley.

Old Town West

Old Town West has four collectibles to find, and we have detailed them below for you:

City Hall Fountain – This is the fancy fountain located in front of Apollo’s Coffee.

The Turdis – A reference to Doctor Who’s Tardis, the Turdis is a glowing porta potty that actually is a working toilet. It is sitting next to some dumpsters.

Tipsy Lizard Sign – This is the main sign of the Tipsy Lizard Watering Hole bar.

Cat Herder – This is a huge mural located right behind a US flag.

Old Town East

Old Town East has three collectibles for you to find. We have detailed them below:

Grisly Bear – This is the broken statue of the Grisly Bear.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Metal Vulture – This is in the same area as the Grisly Bear, and this is the purple Vulture shooting out flames from its wings.

Cabbit – This eerie huge pink rabbit is sitting inside an open garage.

West Providencia

You will find four collectibles in West Providencia. We have detailed their locations below:

Liquor Bottle – This is the big Liquor Bottle sitting on top of El Pequeno Gran Bar’s building.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

El Bar Visal Sign – This is the main sign of the El Bar Visual Sign.

Bug Statue – This statue is located at the top of the workshop that has an Ilesoil Motor Oil banner hanging at the front.

Classy Flamingo – This pink flamingo is sitting between some Cacti at a house’s front.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

East Providencia

East Providencia has three collectibles to find. The locations are detailed below on the map:

Cemetery Angel – This huge Cemetery Angel statue is located at the main roundabout and is pretty hard to miss.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Horse Sculpture – This horse sculpture is sitting right next to the huge wooden cowboy.

Golden Shitter – This rare shitter is found in the dump sitting next to a burning fire and some trash bags and empty barrels.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide


There are five collectibles to find in Mercado. We have detailed their location below:

Golden Stag – This huge statue of the Golden Stag is sitting in the middle of a market.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Guitar Guy Statue – This is the statue located at the top of the giant guitar on the building.

Helm – This is located in the round pier opening.

Cactus Flower – In this area, there are a lot of flowers and grass however this Cactus Flower is easily visible when you are here with its unique shape and form.

Tirepede – This giant centipede statue is made of tires and branches and is really hard to miss.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Lakeshore South

You have only one collectible that you can find in Lakeshore South, and it is detailed below:

The Great Banana – This huge banana is present at the front of the Cicada Wireless building.

Lakeshore North

Unlike Lakeshore South, Lakeshore North has plenty of collectibles and we have listed all of them below:

Triceratops Skull – Triceratops Skull is located on the roof of the Museum of Santo Ileso.

Bronze Buffalo – The Bronze Buffalo is sitting at the entrance of Meyer/Bishop.

Novelty Cowboy Hat – One of the easiest collectibles to find in the game since it is sitting inside an enclosure of different faces of cowboys and the hat itself is quite huge as well.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Oversized Bullet – The Oversized Bullet is located inside the small, lifted shrubbery at the pier.

Campfire Silhouette – This is the silhouette that shows a horse and some cowboys sitting around a tree.

Golden Armadillo – Located at the base of the stairs next to the car park here.

Rojas Desert South

Rojas Desert South has over eight collectibles that you can find in the desert area. Their locations are detailed below:

Route 66 Sign – Hard to miss since the sign is huge and brightly colored.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Jackalope – This cross between a donkey and an Antelope is sitting near the dinosaur statues. Hard to miss due to its colors.

Thunderpump Sign – The Thunderpump is a uniquely-designed petrol pump located in this area and all you need to do is take its picture for this collectible.

Cactus Santa – This chubby cactus is wearing a Santa Hat and it looks like it is waving as well. One of the funniest collectibles on this list.

Space Ship – This Space Ship is crashed into a small water body on the side of the road. You can easily spot it once you are there.

Captain Eagle Statue – The Captain Eagle Statue is located right next to the Saints Row version of the Statue of Liberty statue. Hard to miss since it is sitting on a high rock.

Painted Keg – This spray-painted keg is sitting next to a normal barrel and some graffiti on the wall.

Piano – This is sitting inside the building next to a barrel and a table.

Rojas Desert North

You have to find two collectibles in Rojas Desert North, and we have detailed their locations below:

Metal Coyote – The Metal Coyote is placed next to another metal figure, and they appear to be playing something.

Metal Man Sun Statue – This statue is a relatively small one and could be hard to find as well however it is sitting in the middle of the area with a few cacti and other bushes around it.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Smelterville West

You will find five collectibles in Smelterville West at the locations detailed below:

The Brewery Tank — It is really big however it is easy to spot since a brightly colored silo is located right next to it.

Topiary Pigs – There are two Topiary Pigs, each placed on one side of the gate to the building. You can picture any of them for this collectible.

Metal Jacket Sculpture – This huge Metal Jacket Sculpture is located on the backside of the building with the big, blue silos.

Scorpion Statue – One of the hardest collectibles to spot in the game, this Scorpion Statue is found on the top of a door, and it really blends in with the building’s color.

Joe Cola Sign – This is the huge Joe Cola Sign on a billboard at the top of the billboard next to the silo.

Smelterville East

You can find three collectibles in Smelterville East, and their locations are marked below:

Mechaburger Stand – This is the Mechaburger Stand located under a shade next to some Joe Cola machines.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Ramparts Plus Toy – This plush toy of a pig is sitting on a barrel between some folded umbrellas.

Train Signal – This is located right next to the junction in the train tracks.

Marina West

Marina West has four collectibles, and you will find them at the locations detailed below:

Ice Cream Statue – This is the small Ice Cream statue next to the stairs located here.

Bronze Feather – This is the huge feather present in the greenbelt of the office here.

Anchor Sculpture – This is the big Anchor Sculpture located at the extended pier.

Compass – This is the big statue of a compass located in the park.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Monte Vista

Monte Vista has five collectibles and we have detailed their locations below:

Oversized Boot – The huge boot statue in the middle of the area is really easy to spot.

Giant Golf Ball – This is the statue of the huge golf ball located at the entrance of the club.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Marble – This colorful ball statue is sitting next to a mailbox.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

Carrot Head – This is the Carrot Head which is smiling and looking at the Banana next to it.

Gold Disc Golf Basket – This is located in one of the green areas at the entrance of the club.

Saints Row Collectibles Guide

This concludes our Saints Row Collectibles Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

Author: Nicholas Roberts