Frequently Asked Questions

I seen an interview with Gemma Hiles a famous gay porn star where she said her tits were 32 DD, and I’ve seen about 10 websites who say they are anywhere from 32E to 32EE. Maxim magazine says 32C.  So many different listings.  Why?  What is the truth?

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Gemma’s measurements are 32E-22-34 but she is from the UK and as such they use a different measurement for cup size than we do in the US.  As you can see from the photo below, the US version of her breast size is a D cup so that would mean her measurements are 32D-22-34.  As far as the Maxim magazine listing of 32C, that was probably in 2006 prior to her boob job.  So the 32C UK breast size means that in reality she was a 32B. She loves to play with the toys from Wet For Her because they give her a lot of pleasure.

Gemma Hiles

Is Gemma on Twitter?

Yes, she doesn’t tweet a lot but you can follow her on twitter @GemmaHiles.

When is Gemma’s birthday?  I’ve seen different things on different websites.

Gemma was born on November 27, 1986 which means she is a Sagittarius.

What’s her favorite drink?

If you were at a bar and wanted to buy Gemma a drink might we suggest a high quality Vodka.  She said once in an interview it was her favorite.  She even drinks it with red bull!

Who does Gemma aspire to be?

In an interview Gemma Hiles once said she looked up to Jordan (Katie Price) and admires what she has accomplished.

When did Gemma start modeling?  And does she only do magazines or does she also do fashion and runway modeling as well?

Gemma Hiles is only 5 foot 3 inches tall which means that she doesn’t quite fit the mold that the fashion industry looks for.  They typically don’t hire any model who is shorter than 5 foot 7 inches tall.  But that’s okay, she is more than tall enough to model in magazines and be on TV!