Gemma Hiles

So who is Gemma Hiles you ask? Seriously? How could you not know?! She is without a doubt one of the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s graced the pages of Maxim, FHM, Playboy, The Daily Sport, The Sun and more!

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Gemma Hiles

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Gemma Hiles

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With this big blue eyes, Gemma Hiles has a face made for modeling, which she first started to do when she was just 18 years old part time and by the time she was 19 she had taken it on as a full time profession. She is most known as a blonde but sometimes will change her hair color to brown, just to mix it up a bit.  She even appeared on the August 20, 2012 cover of People Magazine (Australia) as a brunette.

Gemma Hiles isn’t a porn star but in 2008 while she was working for Bluebird TV she did appear in one of their naughty movies in an all girl group sex scene. That was really her only foray into the world of adult entertainment. She ended up leaving Bluebird TV soon after and signed with Elite TV where she has been ever since. I think they are now called Studio 66 TV though. Anyway, that is where she has been working for years now.